"XFinity Solutions" produces "XDesk" system blocks

High-quality personal computers of domestic origin.
Production of personal computers from "XFinity Solutions" allows you to produce an extensive range of personal computers for all existing applications, and also makes it possible to supply computers in unlimited
quantities and any technical configuration.

Form СТ-KZ

Professional computers designed for everyday work.

We use the latest technologies in the production of computer equipment to meet the rapidly growing needs of users. We offer a full range of the most modern and high-tech products.

We supply computers both retail and wholesale.

IT solutions from a Kazakhstani manufacturer

The company's value is to work on turning complex innovations into simple and understandable solutions for its consumers.

Reliable operation, high performance and long service life

Since 2020, the company has been manufacturing computers taking into account the tasks set by the Customer. Rich experience and maintaining constant feedback with our customers allow the company's specialists to have all the necessary information and select the optimal configurations for the computer.

During the assembly of any PC, several sequential operations are performed

We know how to make the best computers suitable for different needs and requirements
Assembly and marking
Updating the software to the latest existing official versions
Configuring device system parameters
Special testing and verification of test results
Package contents and packaging
Delivery of equipment to any point of the Republic of Kazakhstan


*System blocks XDesk